About us

We are based in London, specializing in the coordination and management of summits, private meetings, conferences, and other events to bring together main representatives of the public sector, government and corporate organizations.

Our exclusive summits are targeted to bring together high level senior professionals, helping them build networks and relationships in which shared objectives can be explored and projects can be accomplished. We work in the global market and our connections are of inestimable value to the delegates at our events.

We have a strong track record of creating summits with successful achievements in areas including infrastructure, energy, transportation and communications, especially in Latin America. The experience of our team will allow us to expand in the future into additional international markets in any of the five continents.

Our goals

- To help and support governments to promote thier infrastructure projects. 

- To identify and evaluate the companies best qualified to participate in the summits. 

- To offer high quality summits with two-day agenda, which includes exclusive project presentations from leading experts of government bodies and private one to one meetings between goverments and private companies. 

We endeavour to create an environment which will promote project discussions, the evaluation of credentials, the sharing of ideas, the exploration of new initiatives and much more, enabling delegates to build relevant relationships and effectively close deals.

Our ultimate aim is to bring together a range of public and private organizations in order to facilitate face-to-face communication and the realisation of projects. 

Our people

We have extensive knowledge covering five continents and combined experience of over 10 years, which has enabled us to create excellent networks of contacts as a basis for the organization and implementation of successful events.

We are backed by an investment group with the finance, marketing, technology and human resources abilities required by a modern business.

Our business development team is comprised of a group of international experts, in the areas of infrastructure, energy, transportation, communications and others.

To ensure the smooth running of our events, we also have a technical support and operations team who manage the logistical aspects of our events. They source appropriate locations, put in place the technology platforms and communication requirements, and promote the event to a specific, targeted audience.